Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yuppie Puppie Punches.

Since I don't have much to write about this morning... well nothing exciting or super funny or even intelligent... I am sharing a story from LP. I received and email from LP this morning that there was a fight on her bus ride to work this morning.

OK... I will admit I first thought it was some gang-bangers going off on each other. LP does go through a few blocks of a tough neighborhood, and there has been a couple incidents on the CTA buses in the past few months - including a shooting which killed one and injured a handful.

So I felt like a dumbass when she told me it was between a couple yuppie men... who I guess did not have their All-Bran this morning. One was complaining about the other talking too loud on his cell phone. And this brought on the fight? Yep. The guy must of not been regular. Poor irregular guy... taking out his bowel frustration on a rude public cell phone loud talker.

And... are there any new names for Yuppies? Yuppie is such a 80's term, but I cannot think of anything to replace it.