Friday, June 29, 2007

The Week Wrap Up.

Just some thoughts and a little overview of my past week...

1. Today the iPhone comes out. I am not in line. I am not interested. Buying the first version of anything is usually a bad idea. Plus everyone thinks they can get rid of their mp3 player, crackberry, and mobile and just have this. It only holds 4 or 8 gbs. So a few songs and one movie. Weak.

2. I took the Zune back, got a 30gb iPod which I hate and will return this weekend. My iPod has crashed twice in one week. Lovely.

3. Anyone seen Lil' Bush on Comedy Central? Classic!

4. I found 7oz bottles of Miller High Life. When you just want a little taste of the High Life.

5. One word: Headhunter.

6. The beginning of the week found me sweating my ass off. It was so hot and humid and all around nasty. Now it's sweatshirt weather.

7. I spent this morning cleaning the office... vacuuming, dusting, etc. Why? I'm a freak I guess.

8. Tried really hard this week to be positive and not say mean things... didn't do too well, but I am not giving up.

9. The White Sox have won 4 in a row. Nice!

10. The CTA buses have a huge conspiracy against me. This week has been an awful for waiting on the bus. Time and time again I've had to wait 30+ minutes for a bus. One day I waited an hour and the bus never came... so I walked over a mile to the El with a bus never passing me. Grrrr.

11. The hippie moved his RV. Have not heard singing in a few days. Excellent!

12. Looking forward to fireworks next week.