Friday, June 08, 2007

The Refigerator.

I don't write about work often... almost never. I always worry that my boss will read it and fire my ass if I bitched about it. So that is why there are very few post about my daily grind here.

The company I work for is not based in Chicago. Since I am the only person in our Chicago office, I share space with another company (the metalheads I've mentioned in previous posts). They are really good people and for the most part they make great office mates... for the most part.

At the office we have a little lunch area with a refrigerator... like most offices do. Nothing special about it. No magical fridge, although it would be way cool to have a magical fridge. Must work on that.

Once in a while I'll go out and buy a box of Cokes and put them in our non-magical refrigerator. I don't drink pop too often at work, but every now and then I get the craving. And why buy one... a twelve pack is only around $3. Funny thing happens... our non-magical fridge does this crazy disappearing act with my pop, sodas, Cokes.

My last purchase was consumed without me consuming one single can of delicious Coke. When I first bought them one person asked for one and I said sure. A few weeks later someone else asked for one which I said of course too (at that point they were more than half gone). Everyone in the office knows they are allowed to take my Cokes, but most people ask anyway which is the polite thing to do. But you would think that they would take the time to buy the next round. Right? I have found out that one office mate had one can, and another office mate had eleven. No one else took any. AND the final four went while I was on vacation. Isn't there some unwritten rule (or maybe it's written) that you should never take someone's last (fill in the blank)?

Mr. Eleven please get off your ass and replace what you so easily took... so we can all share your cans of fizz.

Here is a clue to what went missing.