Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mr. Eleven: Update.

So... Mr. Eleven's boss has known about the Coke situation for a while. Yesterday he decided to talk to him about it. I had nothing to do with this talk... I was not complaining at work that these Cokes were disappearing. I found it a little funny and sad and rude all at the same time. Sadly this was not the first time he had spoken to Mr. Eleven about replacing what he had taken. The boss wants to teach Mr. Eleven how to get along in the workplace.

Towards the end of the work day Mr. Eleven walked over to my desk. His posture and overall appearance sort of resembled Eeyore. It was slightly awkward. And then the words came out... "Do you know where I can buy some new shoes?" Huh? Really?

I sent him to DSW down the street as a good place to start. This morning there was a six-pack of Coke in the unmagical fridge. It's not twelve... but it's a start. And he had some new shoes.