Monday, June 04, 2007

While I Was Out... The Photos.

Since I just borrowed photos for my post on my time off... I am posting some photos I actually took (or that LP took). I've actually never done a photo post before... and I'm not sure I'll do one again. But enjoy, or don't, this one time.
Side note: On our drive home we did see the General Lee on Hwy 57 heading the opposite direction. We did not get a photo of that... big bummer.
Our game of Life.

The Aussie and the Cherry and the Life. Cherry does not like losing at Life.

K.i.D. and the 9er. I'm working on winning... K.i.D. is working on drinking.

Wedding at the University of Illinois.

Hey! Hay! Mississippi hay!

A big dog on the farm...

...and a little dog on the farm.

AutoZone Park in downtown Memphis... a beautiful ballpark, even if it is AAA baseball.

The left-over BBQ at Interstate. It seems the best BBQ is in the not-so-nice neighborhoods.

This is Beale Street... it is usually packed with people - but not during a random week night.

Me in front of Stax... I look frumpy. It was bright out and I did not have my shades. If you ever go to Memphis make sure you stop at Stax... it's an amazing place.

Our car (Jermaine) passed the 10,000 mile mark on our trip... right before we crossed over the Mississippi River for the final time. Jermaine turns two this month.