Thursday, June 14, 2007

C|Net Sad.

Yesterday I went on C|Net to read up on some reviews about MP3 players. After my iPod died I decided that I would look into all my options before my next purchase. Why should Apple automatically get my money? The Gigabeat and the Zune have receive very favorable reviews... but before I go out and test them I needed a little more info.

I highly recommend C|Net when you are thinking about buying a new electronic gadget. They point out the perks and the flaws and keep it pretty simple in their explanations.

I navigated to the MP3 player reviews and went to the Editor's Top Picks page. Each player pick has a written review that also includes a video clip with the editor showing each player and how it works and what they like about it. It it is much more helpful than just reading about a device... now when I go to the store and will sort of know what I am looking at and hopefully not look like a complete dumbass.

After watching the second video review it dawned on me that the editor on the screen looked really familiar. It took about half a second to put it all together... the guy on the video was James Kim. The same James Kim who died in the Oregon forest last winter trying to save his family. Way sad. It truly bummed me out and I was done for the day thinking about MP3 players.

Not sure why his videos are still up there. Not sure if it's a good thing or not. But I was surprised not to see some note from C|Net that mentioned his passing or that he will be missed.