Friday, June 22, 2007

Cousin Eddie.

We have a new neighbors. Probably renters... most of the houses on our street are young families, not college-aged renters/partiers. And one of the douche bags likes to sit on the porch and strum his crappy guitar and "sing" crappy pseudo-hippie songs... yes, I'm talking Dave Matthews and Phish. And yes, both bands completely blow, BUT they are soooo much worse when hearing this wanna-be troubadour belt them out.

What else has Mr. Smell-Like-Dirt brought with him... besides a pack of wanna-be hippies (they probably all work for the Man)? A large RV. That's a recreational vehicle... or a hippie commune on wheels. This monstrosity blocks our view of the house next to the one the hippies at renting. If it's not moved soon someone just might call the city, and sadly that person probably won't be me... I am sure someone else on our block will make the first call.

The worst of it is the singing on the porch at night. That's my main complaint. Make it stop! Make the Jack Kerouac of song find another road to get on and go away! I hope he is my neighbor's cousin Eddie from the farm country that just stopped in for a few weeks to get the metal plate in the head checked.

If you can't sing... don't.

This is my new neighbor in 2o years (yes, he is probably 22 now).