Monday, June 11, 2007

Clifford & 9er.

Weekend highlights for the 9er:

1. White Sox game. So they lost again... what's new? Classy was in attendance with us, and after the loss we got to watch a fireworks show in sync to a collage of bad butt rock tunes. It was mullet night... and Classy might of found the love of her life (the one in cut off acid wash jorts).

2. New skate shoes. Followed by a beautiful weekend to be on the skateboard rolling around the city.

3. Celebrated Cherry's Birthday Weekend. One word... drunk. Saturday was spent going from one place to the next drinking around the city. Stopped for Taco Bell. Ended up at a party where I proceeded to throw all of the balloons off the balcony onto Chicago Avenue, except for the balloons I put in the elevator.

4. Clifford. It was bound to happen... at some point. I ran into Clifford the Big Red Dog. He was hanging out at the Printers Row Book Fair signing books and doing the photo thing with all of the kids. Printers Row is a fantastic time... if you like books. Good times.

I look fat here and should of been wearing my sunglasses. I'm not fat, or drunk in this photo... really.