Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stop Sucking My Blood!

Ever since I've was little I was somehow the biggest target to mosquitoes. I have no clue why. Maybe because my blood is sweet. I would sit outside for less than ten minutes and come back inside and be covered in bites. Little red itchy bites on my legs and arms... mostly on my lower legs.

And do I scratch the itchy bites? Hell yes! I cannot stop from scratching. No sure why... I just cannot. So in a day or two my legs look like I've been infected with some funky disease. Just lovely.

Last weekend at the lake house in Indiana those pesty little mosquitoes were out to get me and they sure did. My legs look terrible now. And yes, I am still scratching... so it is my own fault I guess. But why do I get picked on? I have used all of the natural and unnatural ways to keep them away but nothing works.

This is why I love the winter so much. No bugs.