Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tired Of.

I woke up cranky today... not sure why. I am just cranky. So why not have a cranky post for my cranky day. Here is a list of things I am tired of:

1. Guns n' Roses: Get over it Axl. You are done. The new songs are horrible. Why doesn't Axl Rose just put out a solo record... why does he have to keep flogging the dead horse called Guns n' Roses?

2. Reunion Tours: Please stop. All of you bands and solo performers (I'm talking to you Cher and Miss Yentl) who called it quits. There was a time and place for you and it has gone.

3. Come Backs: If I am going to bitch about performers, I need to add in atheletes too. Michael Jordon retired how many times? Now please stop Roger Clemens from coming back.

4. Big 80's Belt Fashion: Ladies... it never looked good.

5. Horrible Blogs: Some of you might be saying "Like This One!" Boring ass sappy crap. Lifetime is not going to hire you to write a movie, so quit writing this stuff.

6. The Flaming Lips: They are so way past done.

7. ER: I have never seen an episode, but I am tired of watching the commercials.

8. People saying "Google It."

9. Diet Coke: People are so hooked on it. People who drink Diet Coke buy it in 24 packs. Problem? Think so.

10. Young People: Seeing people ten years younger than me with a better job makes me ill. I'm tired of you all.

11. Anti-Bush Statements: It's just getting old. I want to get a new president office so we can all start bitching about someone new. Eight years of complaining about one person is too long. Four years should be the max.

12. Lite beer.

13. Pro-basketball: Does anyone really watch it?

14. Days when I wake up Cranky.