Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oh Joy.

So what did I do on my MLKJ holiday? I was a good American and took the day off. My company did not have it off, I just took it. Sometimes you have to fight for things... so I did. And on my day off I was a good American and sat at home and watched television.

BUT I was productive. I did manage to finally watch an episode of The View. Dear readers... you are right, I'm not Elizabeth. I am Joy. Kind of a smart-ass. Kind of funny. Tries really hard to stay on the topic. But does not need to be the center of attention. Yet I am still cute like Elizabeth... although Elizabeth was wearing this awful zebra print top. Not good. Rosie was loud mouth Rosie. She kept yelling out "I'm Gay! And loud." But the most annoying person had to be Barbara WaWa. She is the pits. I do not wish Barbara WaWa on anyone. And I really do not wish The View on anyone since the episode I watched was boring.