Friday, January 12, 2007

Liar's Club (The View).

Most of you, if not all of you, read The [Cherry] Ride... so you know about the new Liar's Club. But if you did not get the 411 on yesterday's post... here it is. A new blog collective written by Cherry, Dr.Ken, Classy, and myself. It's a blog to make Chicagoans proud... and lets other cities know that Chicago has got it goin' on! And we definitely got it goin' on.

Is this Chicago's version of The View? No way. Not even close. But thinking about it... that would be kind of cool. The View might be my favorite daytime television show I've never watched. To be clear, we're talking about The View before Rosie came aboard. Rosie brought the show down. She hogs the entire show. She constantly talks over everyone. She's a bully. I was never opposed to Rosie... until she joined The View. She is better off going back to her own show. And no, I am not a Donald Trump fan... that is not where this is coming from (I've never seen his shows either). So if this Liar's Club could ever be the new View, I'd have to be Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I'm a Survivor, or at least I think I could be (at least I've seen that show). I could easily take people shopping in the mall on a tight budget. I'm married. I'm cute. I could go blond if need be. I'm not as right-winged as the real Elizabeth, but I am focusing more on the cute factor here. If you have bad thoughts of Elizabeth, just put those aside and focus on the positive when you think of the new Elizabeth (me).

I will not speculate on who Cherry, Classy, and Dr. Ken would be (Barbara Wawa, Joy, Star Jones, Meredith, Debbie, or Lisa Ling?). That's for them to decided. Just make sure you check up on the Liar's Club every so often. Go Go Chicago.