Thursday, January 18, 2007


I'm a fan of American Idol. I've been an avid viewer for all five seasons... and I have enjoyed the first two episodes of season six. For me, the first few weeks are top because the walk-in tryouts are a hoot. Yes, I said a hoot. It's just brainless television that is good to veg out to... and sometimes you need that.

The public loves to bag on Simon Cowell because he is so outspoken. He is so blunt and often tells people what their friends and family should of told them years before (you can't sing). But we all know it is sometimes very difficult to tell friends or family members they are tone deaf. And if you look back at Simon's criticism (constructive, maybe not) he is often right. He usually knows who will succeed and who will not. He might not know everything, but he seems to know quite a bit about pop music, and what it takes to make it big.

But... and there is always a but, or butt. Last night's episode from Seattle was too much. Simon was beyond cruel. To make fun of a person's horrific singing is one thing, but to make fun of their looks is distasteful and rude. If someone cannot sing and they are so awful, I think the judges have a right to inform them point blank that they are terrible. These people should of had someone in their life tell them it's a bad idea to go to the tryouts. And yes, some of these terrible singers probably knew they would not make it to Hollywood and just wanted to get on television, or just wanted to meet a group of celebrities.

But Simon, making fun of a contestant's eyes, or teeth, or weight is disgraceful and sad. You don't know what issues these people have. You don't know what struggles these people have been through. And Randy and Paula... shame on you for laughing when the doors close... it still made it on to television for all to see.