Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rachel, Oh Rachel.

I will admit I was a Rachel Ray fan at the beginning. I was absorbed by her down to earth manner and her goofy, sort of dorky, personality. She is just short of being a snorter (the laughing snorter, not the cocaine snorter). Rachel's love of beer and baseball spoke to me. And although LP has always been bothered by the way she has to tuck in her shirt with every outfit she wears, she let me be captivated by Rachel Ray. I bought her first two cookbooks, and then bought the next two right when they came out. They were all pretty bad (but I did not admit this at the time). Really. The recipes are mediocre to good at best. The cookbooks are sub par. There are no pictures that go along with the recipes... this is something I find to be very useful when cooking. I do not need pictures on my menu, but on my recipes I like to have them.

I kept on watching the Food Network shows that Rachel was apart of although the rest of my family poked fun at me. $40 A Day was hit or miss, but I tried to always catch the episodes I had an interest in... sure she spent $40 on food that day, but she spent $300 on other activities and nick-knacks she purchased. Not to mention the car Rachel rented and the hotel she stayed at. Oh Rachel. But she charmed me... she did. Hook, Line and Sinker.

And then about six months ago I started noticing Rachel Ray's image started popping up on everything. Everything. Go into a grocery store today and you will see Rachel's mug on at least three magazines and five boxes of crackers, chips, frozen food, or other packaged goods. Rachel has a talk show now (although I have never seen it) and she has a magazine. Does someone want to be Oprah? And now, these FHM photos. Wow. Not good. I am not even sure if they are real since I am not an avid reader (or looker) of FHM, but if they are... wowzers. Speechless. Good call? Don't think so.

Rachel go back to why I dig you... baseball and beer. Keep it simple. Too much Rachel is not a good thing. For now I am done with you. I have had enough Rachel Ray to last a life time. I am moving on... and that does not mean I am moving on to Paula Deen (ug).