Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Cocaine Question.

I'm not sure why this is my post today - most likely because I listened to Blondie ("Parallel Lines") this morning...

Can someone explain coke mirrors to me? I know what they are used for... I just do not understand why they have to be mirrors. Do they have to be mirrors? Can't people use anything that has a smooth and flat surface to cut their coke on? If they have to be mirrors, why has no one come out with a line of fashionable coke mirrors? Maybe they have and I'm just living in the dark.

I've never tried cocaine for three simple reasons:
1. Too expensive, and none of my friends were ever into it. I'd rather buy new records than cocaine.
2. If I ever did it I'd probably get caught and get thrown in jail... and we all know that going to jail is not a good thing.
3. I'd be that one guy who did it once and died. Everyone would be sitting around my dead body (high as a kite) saying "Dude, I can't believe he died. Dude, he died! Dude, HE DIED! Let's go dump him in the Chicago River." Yeah... not fun.