Thursday, January 11, 2007

Our Song(s).

Hall & Oates popped up on several blogs last past few months, so I am going to add on to all of that. No, I did not meet them, did not do drugs with them, and did not see them live. Nothing that exciting. Can Hall & Oates be that exciting? Actually I never really liked them... I found the cheese factor to be too high.

But - Hall & Oates sings our song. You know, that song a couple has, and every time you hear it you are reminded of how much you are in love, or were in love, or how you met, or something like that. "You Make My Dreams" is LP & my song*. Yep. The song picks you... you should never sit down and pick the song. I'm not talking about the song during your first dance at your wedding, because most people hand pick that (and would not pick a Hall & Oates song... but "Maneater" would be pretty classic). And I am sure not every couple has a song... it might even be a dying tradition. If I was to pick the song it would not be by Hall & Oates. But funny enough, "You Make My Dreams" seems to come on the radio a few times each road trip we take. And it pops up in other surprisingly nice times in our lives.

And what do I think about when I hear it? I remember living in NYC and meeting LP for the first time. I remember immediately knowing I was going to marry her... I even told a few people that the day after I first met her. I remember how my life changed completely in 1998. And you know, it's nice to be reminded of that.

* Side Note: LP likes to think that our song is "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green... but she is just wanting it to be that song, not that the song chose us, not like "You Mke My Dreams". So we kind of have two songs. Kind of.