Monday, January 15, 2007

A Model Citizen.

Do you remember model airplanes? Does anyone remember model airplanes? Do they still make them? When I was little my older brother was into them and I so desperately wanted to put together one. But of course, I had to stay far away or I would break it, or screw it up somehow. And don't feel bad for me, I would of. I seem to f-up lots of stuff when I was young. Kind of a mix between clumsy and clueless. I would of picked up a finished airplane and the wing would fall off... that was just my luck.

But oh how I wanted to put together my very own model. All by myself. Paint it. Slap on the decals. And then place it on a shelf in my bedroom so it could collect dust and cobwebs. I wanted to have an entire collection of Flying Tigers, Blue Angels, and B-1 Bombers.

Alas, it was not my calling. I got Legos. And Legos were pretty great... and kept me busy for many hours. Looking back on it, I think I got Legos because my parent's didn't want me sniffing the glue or paint. Instead I ate one of the Legos... a Blueberry Lego.