Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sick Day Review.

Yesterday I took a sick day... something I rarely do. In the last eight years at the same company I probably have taken less than ten sick days (not counting the time off for surgery on my legs). So what did I do on my day off... well...

Got up around 7:30am.
Decided I was sick so no need for a shower.
Got myself a very large cup of coffee and large glass of OJ. Took my daily vitamin.
Turned the computer on and emailed my boss and office mates that I would not be in.
Deleted the tons of spam on email.
Did a little bit of work... an important client needed some help so I sent some emails to get things going.
Watched some GMA. They had a good segment on mac & cheese.
Started some laundry.
Made the beds (the guest bed needed to bed made since LP slept in it... because of my cold I was snoring like a LION).
Ate some breakfast (2 eggs, sausage, english muffin, more coffee).
Attended to more laundry, ended up doing four loads.
Talked to my boss on the phone (yes, when working for a small company the boss calls you when you are sick at home which sounds worse than it is).
Sat down and tried to watch Red Dwarf (BBC) Season 7. It's hard for me to sit still for long periods of time so thankfully they are in 30 minute episodes.
Drank more coffee.
Did some work, checked some work emails.
Ate a small bowl of Cheetos.
More Red Dwarf, laundry, and Cheetos (Cheetos kill bacteria).
Fell asleep on couch with one of the cats watching Red Dwarf.
Woke up realizing that I probably did way too much for a sick day and that I was kind of tired.
By 5:00pm it was 45 degrees outside... not that I went outside, but the news said so.
Ate leftovers for dinner.
Watched Wheel of Fortune and American Idol.
Paid some bills.
By 10:00pm it was 5 degrees outside... not that I went outside, but the news said so.
Sat on the couch and watched the blizzard conditions outside.
Ate some ice cream.
Drank a diet coke.
Fell asleep on the couch with a different cat watching Wayne's World 2.