Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Niner... so Cliché, Part 2.

More than a week ago I was super cliché by joining a gym after the New Year. I then followed that up by being even more cliché by not going. Not even once. I am often a little nervous about doing new things by myself in front of complete strangers since I just know I'll make a complete ass out of myself (this has been proven). Yes, I know these ass-experiences make for good blogging, but sometimes I just do not feel like taking one for the team. Since I had never been to a gym, I had no clue how to use the big scary machines... and just knew I would step on the treadmill and go flying backwards, or get my head caught in some lifting machine thingy (yes, that is a technical term).

Monday evening I went. Yep, I did. I made an appointment to see a trainer to find out what I am supposed to do. When my trainer never showed up one of the other YMCA employees took my appointment. I wish I could of taken a photo of his face when I told him I had never been in a gym or on any gym equipment before. It was probably the same look if I were to tell him I was a virgin (BTW, I'm not). This was followed by my trainer telling me I look like I am in very good shape, and he was totally surprised I do not work out. Maybe he was hitting on me (I am pretty hot), but I think he was just being nice.

The next hour we spent touring the entire facility, going over the classes offered, and going from machine to machine and explaining what they do and how to use them. He also showed me the free weights version of each machine. This was classic. He was showing me some arm curls with two 25 pound weights and I could not curl so well. OK, I could barely lift them. Sad but true. He did a good job at not laughing, then gave me the 10 pounders instead. The Niner has no upper body strength at all. Something to work on.

So now I have a routine, and I am totally set with what to do at a gym. I followed up Monday night's meeting with skipping the gym on Tuesday and going home and drinking some wine.