Friday, January 11, 2008

What I Did On My Break...

Since you are all dying to know what I was doing from December 21 to January 7 (since I was not posting)... I am going to fill you in an all of the excitement (sarcastic undertone implied)...

1. Caught up on this season of Project Runway. I give this season the big thumbs up. Plain and simple - it's just good television.
2. Went Ice Skating in Millennium Park. This is something I've wanted to do since moving to Chicago and have never gone. Each winter it seems like LP and I always put it off and then wham-o it's Spring and the rink is gone. We took Cherry with us and had a blast. Well worth it.
3. Saw the movies Juno, PS I Love You, and Sweeny Todd. My original goal was to see at least five movies, but even though I fell short I was entertained by the three I did see... even though PS I Love is really depressing.
4. Sat on my ass. Yep, lots of ass sitting went on.
5. Freaked out because our computer at home crashed. I kept thinking I needed to buy an external hard drive since our computer is over three years old and the warranty had expired. I found a good deal on Amazon so I ordered it... and the next day the computer crash (before we could back it up). Big bummer. We are still working and trying to fix it.
6. No traveling. LP and I spent Christmas and New Years in Chicago which was awesome. Traveling during the holidays can make a Niner grumpy... so this year there was no grumpy Niner.
7. I got a new baseball jersey from my brother that says "Cubs Blow." Excellent! Cannot wait for baseball season to get here.

Now on to 2008... and finding a new job.