Thursday, January 24, 2008

Politics... Yep.

I never blog about politics. Ever. Why? Because there is so much in the media about it anyway... and being that this is an election year you just cannot escape the coverage. So today will be my first, and probably last on the subject of politics. There are just three small points I'd like to make about the primary and caucus system.

1. Independents. Why should we allow independents to vote in the primaries? These elections are there for parties to decide which candidate should be the party's nomination to the general election. If some one does not want to be part of a party that is totally fine... you can wait until the November election.

2. Parties Pay. Why should states and tax payers pay for primary elections? These elections are there for the sole purpose to help the party pick their nominee. So shouldn't the parties pay for them?

3. Debates. This last point goes for any political debate... I wish there was an independent group that would address the panel of candidates at the end of the debate and address the group about any incorrect statements they made.  That would be awesome. The average viewer never follows up the debate to see which statements were true and false. For example, the last Democratic debate had seven untrue statements made by Sen. Clinton that she made against Sen. Obama... and Sen. Obama was found to have one false statement he said about his own record. But most saw the debate as Sen. Clinton saying nasty things and Sen. Obama getting upset and picking a fight. Well... it looks like some of Sen. Clinton's huge "facts" were wrong.

Sure I'm a Democrat, so my view points are skewed. And yes, I know who I am going to vote for. It would be a bummer if my candidate did not win... but it is a great feeling to know that the likely Democratic nominee will be a Woman or Black Man. Times are changing and it feels good.