Monday, January 21, 2008

Tony's, I Loved You.

A new and blossoming relationship in my life ended Sunday morning around 5am. It was heart wrenching. It was tearful. It was so painful it made me sick. I ended my year plus relationship with Tony's.

It started around August of 2006. LP and I moved into our second home in Chicago... only a few blocks from our first house. This one was much better in so many different ways. Around the corner from our house we discovered Tony's... a little Mexican Taco shop. Sure it's a hole in the wall, but mmmmmm so good. LP was never a believer. She fought off the Tony's and told me to do the same. But like any addiction, I needed just a little taste of Tony's - usually the steak taco. Oh steak taco from Tony's you were my friend. You were there for me many times. You healed my hunger. You made my tummy just a little bit fatter. And you gave me some of the worst gas I've had in my life. I never doubted you. I never stopped singing your praises to all that would listen. Until now.

Saturday night I had to skip out on a friend's birthday party to attend a show (Plague Bringer at the Beat Kitchen) for work. I was certainly bummed out to miss the birthday party, but I had a good time at the show and got some work done. Even though I desperately want a new job, I cannot shoot myself in the foot by not doing well at the job that pays me now (something about biting the hand that feeds). After the show and a few PBRs (for the record I was not drunk) I walked the two blocks in -5 degree weather to Tony's. I picked up a few steak tacos plus some beans and rice. I inhaled them and then zoned out on some television while waiting for LP to get home. After LP got home it was time for bed. Then around 5am I woke up with the biggest headache I've ever had. EVER. I now understand what a migraine feels like. I wanted to rip my head off. This was followed by several burbs that tasted like... Tony's. (You know where I'm going... right) Right to the toilet to rid my body of Tony's. When it comes to barfing I turn into the biggest potty mouth five year old. I just cannot handle it. Between spewing I was badmouthing Tony's to LP and the cats and letting them know just what I thought of that evil empire. Dirty, nasty, and definitely food poisoning. No fun.

I'm not sure I'll ever go back. How can I? Tony's you were a good part of my life - but I think it ends here. I have the memories, and can smell your food from my house on really windy days. I need to move on and say my good-bye.