Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Things I Do Not Understand, Part 1 (of many).

I'll admit I am a fan of 2 Fast 2 Furious, and the Tokyo Drift.  Excellent crappy movies.  Cinema at it's worst, but I am addicted to watching them over and over.  The movies even make me want to go racing in my car (reminder: I hate cars, I hate driving).  So I completely understand the people that invest the money and trick-out their cars to make them look "cool" and drive really fast.  You may think this is awesome, stupid, or just not care about it.  All three are fine.

The part I really do not understand (I have spent countless hours pondering this) is when I see tricked-out piece of shit cars.  Yesterday I saw a mid-80's Honda that looked (and sounded) like it was about to die, but appeared to have brand new wheels and a spoiler.  Last week I saw a tricked out Kia (maybe it was a Daewoo) with a fit-for-Tokyo-Drift paint job, spoiler, and neon lights underneath.  Hello?  Couldn't these people take all of the money they spent on tricking-out (upgrading?) and bought a better (safer / more reliable) automobile?

I understand the idea of wanting to be cool... I still buy from time to time stupid things to be cool (not a car) - but are Kia's and Daewoo's really "cool" cars?  Does your mid-80's Honda really need new wheels and spoiler, or maybe you should spend the money on a new engine?  Shouldn't you just save your pennies and buy a better car?  I would.
This really is a Daewoo.