Friday, January 25, 2008

Julie Gong's Idea.

Thanks to the ever awesome Julie Gong I took a break from my hectic day yesterday for a mental break to create an album cover. Her post yesterday had the challenge to follow some simple instructions to come up with your very own album cover.

I thought this was lame until I did the first random search and the article was called "The Devil's Music." How awesome is that!? At first I did not believe that was a random page... so I tried the link and got some boring article on the Olympics at which point I was a believer. "The Devil's Music" is so cool. So Rock 'n' Roll. Next was the quote random search and luckly "Gained From Useless Knowledge" worked alright. Not bad. Then the photo - bummer. I was hoping to death and destruction. Nope. I get some rainy nighty city photo. Whah-Whah. I spent some time trying to look for a better photo, but then realized that would be cheating. I don't want to be a cheater.

Thanks Julie... this really helped me unwind for a couple minutes during my crazy day.