Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday... Random Thoughts.

This morning I woke up singing "Material Girl." I have no clue why, and I am not sure how I segued into singing some John Cougar Mellencamp after that. There is something really with a person that can belt out "Sucking on chili dogs outside the Tastey Freeze" before 7am. When I was walking out the door I put on my headphones and my mp3 player popped on... yes, Material Girl. Weirdness. Too bad the Coug (that's what I call him... we're buddies) was not second - it was Yo La Tengo.

Bobby Fisher R.I.P. Sadness. I hate playing chess... because I suck at it.

Remember when Bjork made good pop records? What happened? Sure, every record she releases get fantastic press - but they are just not listenable albums. Really. Come on, be honest with yourself. Debut and Post were good times. They are still good times. Medulla and Volta not good times.

Why does my computer keep playing "Try" by Lisa Loeb. Sure, I dig the Loeb (she has a Hello Kitty toaster too)... but the same song keeps popping up again and again.

The the high temperature tomorrow is supposed to be around 7 degrees... I'm thinking about doing nothing all day.