Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I Want to Be Hugh... Well Kind of.

For a long time now I have realized I want to be Hugh Grant.  Yes, you read that right.  No matter how many times you read the first sentence of this post it will always come out the same... For a long time now I have realized I want to be Hugh Grant.  I know very little about the actual person, I have not picked up an issue of People Magazine in a while.  But I always find myself completely absorbed with his characters in different films.  So judging the man by his body of work (yes, he did appear in an episode of Dr. Who), I like him very much.

Think about it, Hugh Grant picks some fantastic rolls.  Sure, I understand that many feel his rolls are too similar - but just like The Smiths... if you like one song you like them all.  His self-confidence, charisma, his charm seem to spew out of every character.  I find often myself wanting to be The Prime Minister who tells off the President and dances around Number 10 Downing Street to Jump.  I find myself day dreaming about being William Thacker and owning a failing travel book shop.  I drift off and imagine myself having a pint of bitter in Whales as Reginald Anson trying to measure a mountain.  I want to be a washed up pop star like Alex Fletcher from Pop.  I even see the charm in the slimy Daniel Cleaver.

Yes, I might be too much of a dreamer... I realize this.  But it's fun to day dream a little, and maybe take a lesson or too on how to be a little more romantic, and little more charming.  As long as I keep reminding me that there is also the real world, and I can become the person I want to, or dream about, but it take will power and support.  Don't worry... my end goal is not to become Daniel Cleaver.