Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Writing About Not Writing.

Not doing a blog is so much easier than maintaining a blog. I tend to post every weekday about miscellaneous things. Every once in a while a day will pass where I am too busy to post something or my brain is just empty of things to type away about. This is fine and really causes no problems. It's when day number two of no posting passes. Part of me thinks I really enjoy not posting... while part of my brain stops thinking about future things to blog about. After day number three trouble starts to set in. I start realizing I really have nothing to say and might never have anything ever to say again.

So what do I do? I get back on the horse and post a blog about not blogging. Genius! Maybe this will get those brain cells flowing and assist me in coming up with new and interesting things to write about. The past week I did have things to write about (sort of), I just did not.

Monday (1/28): I was going to let the blogging world know that I am a sinner and rekindled my relationship with Tony's. Yes, I know Tony's treated me badly and made me barf... a lot. But I could not stay away.
Thursday (1/31): I was going to blog about my job hunt, which is kind of depressing so no one missed out on much.
Friday (2/1): A post would of been, could of been, about February being here which means baseball season is right around the corner and that is super fantastic.
Saturday (2/2): I was going to do this long post of Groundhog's Day and how I truly love this day... but I never got to it.
Monday (2/4): Nothing was going on in my brain so there would not of been a post yesterday... except that I went to Tony's again. It was good.

So there you go! And Happy Paczki Day!