Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mix Tape: Wednesday.

4 January 1996
Brady Experience

Statics "Radio"
Marcy "Join the Gospel Express"
J Chruch "Cigarettes Kill"
Kpants "Sonic Ripoff"
Rollerball "Apples"
Robyn Hitchcock "Ballon Man"
Vomit Launch "Hence The Box"
Pavement "I Love Perth"
Handsome "Waiting"
Rattlecake "Wa Wa Wa"
Spinanes "10 Meter Platform"
Damien Jurado "Bicycle"
Wesley Willis "Rock 'n' Roll McDonalds"
Weaklings "Rock 'n' Roll Party"
10-4 "Safe-n-Sane"
Ben Lee "Away With the Pixies"
Odd Numbers "All Worked Up"
Chixdiggit "Shadow Bangers (?)"
Southern Culture on the Skids "Whole Lotta Things"
Built To Spill "Big Dipper"
So if you actaully know more than five of these bands you are awesome. Sure Pavement, Robyn Hitchcock, Built to Spill, and Ben Lee are the most obvious. This is a playlist from the first hour of my college radio show... The Brady Experience. I used to tape the shows just to have a record of it so one day I could blog about it. Well, something like that. But these tapes also made great mix tapes that I would copy and mail to friends who lived far away. Hearing my voice makes me laugh, I sounded so bored with the whole thing. The PSAs I read are lifeless. If I had spent as much time on my school work as I did on being indie rock rad... well, I would of been a 4.0 student.

It's so funny to look back and see what an "indie-r than you" attitude I had. This one hour had twenty songs... of which twelve came from 7"s and two came off 10"s. I was so ultra cool that I had to be playing the ultra new, or ultra rare single rather than the CD. Some of these songs have not dated well at all, but it served a purpose in 1996 - and I was supporting a lot of local music (Kpants, Rattlecake, Rollerball, Spinanes, Weaklings, 10-4).

The Statics were this really great garage band on Estrus, and their song "Radio" was my theme song. I opened each week with that track. And then showing how I was into buying cheap old records I played a Marcy song... she is this little puppet that sang Christian children's songs. Only on college radio could someone get away with it. Damien Jurado and Ben Lee (Noise Addict) I was so obsessed with - I played them every show, and people at the station use to tease me about it. Vomit Launch was such a great forgotten pop band from Chico, CA. Sure their name made people think they were something else, but they recorded some great indie pop tunes. Chixdiggit were on Sub Pop for a month or so, and I was such a fan of these Canadians... and when Sub Pop dropped them so did I (geee... such a follower). And then there was J Church with "Cigarettes Kill". Sadly No-Pants Lance from J Church just died a couple months ago... from cancer.

Mix tapes are a good way of capturing time in one's life. There are photos and videos, but the mix tapes that are in my desk drawer remind me of my twenties and how the world look to me back then. It reminds me of how I've changed and what I view as important now versus back then.