Friday, February 22, 2008


I was originally going to write about something else today and title it "A-Hole" to keep with my A theme this week, but I just do not have the energy to type out my bitchings. I'll save that post for another time. Today it's about how much I adore

Thanks to Bee Spot for posting about this a while ago. And when she did I checked it out, thought it was nifty, and then moved on. One day with and for some reason I was not hooked. Well this week has been five work days with Pandora and I am completely obsessed. For those of you who do not know... it's an online radio station that is built around bands you like. I have different playlists (indierock, britpop, hiphipraggadubstep, sludge, etc.) for different moods. It's amazing how many great bands come up that I have not listened to in ages, or bands I have never heard of. Sure there are some annoying parts (Bush keeps coming up on my indie rock play list) but it's free and legal. And awesome.

Thanks Bee Spot. You rock. Now readers... go try it.