Thursday, February 21, 2008


At the end of January I mailed away for Wheel of Fortune tickets. The show is coming to Chicago to film espisodes for a few days in March. I don't even like the show, but thought it would be something cool to do - and most definitely to blog about. The instructions were very clear and simple, but sadly you only could pick one taping time you wanted (out of about five). A self address stamped envelope needed to be included and the rules clearly said those that did not receive tickets would not get their envelopes back. Fine.

Yesterday when I got home I saw my envelope. I almost pooped my pants. I was so excited. Happy. Over-joyed. Surprised. Elated. You get the picture. I dropped my things, tore that envelope open, and pulled out... a sheet of paper. No tickets. The glossy paper had some stupid photo of Pat & Vanna and a letter to tell me (I suck) that they got so many requested that they did not have enough for everyone else.

Bummer. Sadness. Sadcakes indeed.

I hate Wheel of Fortune even more now.