Friday, February 15, 2008

Mix Tape: Friday.

Good Old Days 1989-1992
Why Do Men Have Breasts?
The House (F-ed Up Mix)
What's The Buzz?
I Love Girls
The Mall
Who Is It?

On the last day of my week of the mix tape I realized had so many great picks in a desk drawer full of gems to write about. My pick was a tape my friend Keith made me a while ago. I am not sure when he made it since there is no date on the tape (remember to always put the date on your mix tapes!) but if my memories serves me right it was when I lived in NYC. So the tape is around ten years old. And the recordings on it are closing in on twenty years old (wowzers).

My pal Keith was the king of the mix tape. He should of had stock in TDK. Each time he got into a car he had made a new mix tape just for the drive... even if it was a five minute drive. This is a tape of recordings Keith and I made in our teens, all made at his home recording studio / bedroom. We were so obsorbed with spinning records, recording techno (mostly jungle and house) and rap songs. Hey, don't laugh - I was a great lyricist. And Keith created some of the most amazing beats. He spent hours upon hours working on his next recordings... and he never spent any time on school work (he was a terrible student). These recordings have stood the test of time, not because they are so good, but because they are a snap shot of my youth and remind me what I wanted to do, and how I had such a drive to do it. Sure, we never got the huge record deal - but we performed at some fantastic raves (remember those) and had a blast doing it. We were obsorbed with music and buying the next new cool 12" - we had no time or money for drugs.

I wish it stayed that way, but life cannot be frozen in one moment. I feel I made choices (good and bad) that helped me grow in a positive direction. Sadly, Keith seemed to make the wrong decisions and bad luck kept following him. And this tape of our time together being creative and goofy only comes in less than thirty minutes long, but it spands so many years, and such a great friendship. I just hope Keith is passing out his mix tapes in heaven - he would get heaven dancing, I am sure of that.