Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Unhappy Birthday.

I love birthdays... anyone's birthday. My birthday is my favorite day of the year. I don't need presents on my day - I just love thinking that this is my day (that I gladly share with Neil Young, Elizabeth Stanton, and Grace Kelly; and sadly share with Tonya Harding, Sammy Sosa, Charles Manson).

This year I woke up sad (no, today is not my birthday). I wake up every morning with a spring in my step and some annoyingly poppy song in my brain. I do lots of karate kicks and chops, and squeeze the kitties until they are annoyed with me. Just ask LP. I love the mornings. I love my birthday. But this year I just did not want to get out of bed. It's like Morrissey really did call and wish me an unhappy birthday. LP was very sweet to me, but I was in just a sad funk and for some reason I was not letting it go. No one called me in the morning to sing Happy Birthday to me before my walk to work. My mom usually calls. And at the very least LP's grandmother calls. Nope, not this year. Our landlady even got LP flowers, card, and brownie on her day. Me, nothing. Am I Samantha Baker?... "Well, well if it isn't Sammy Baker Davis Junior."

My walk to work was warm and dreary. I love the cold crisp air of autumn mornings... and this year's birthday it was in the 50's. Ug. I was over dressed, so I ended up sweating my ass off and looked like I ran a marathon when I arrived a work. After that I had to look forward to my lunch... a can of soup.

As the day went on I did receive some emails and texts from friends which was really thoughtful and made me cheer up a little bit. I know I celebrated my birthday with a few good friends the weekend before my day, but I guess I wanted a parade with wild cats and bears in tutus and marching bands and floats (no clowns). But that was not going to happen, and being stuck at work was not really curing my blues.

So I figured I would call the design firm guy (who I had been leaving messages for a week) one more time... and I got his voice mail one more time. Being in a pooper mood I left a message that told him this would be the last time I tried to call and by the way... it was my birthday. Yeah, probably not the smartest thing too do (I am so smart... SMRT... I mean SMART) - but HE CALLED BACK. Really! And I have an interview on Thursday. Crazy.

My day started to turn around, until I went to Whole Foods and Jewel to find out they were completely sold out of fresh rosemary... and this put a huge damper and my recipe for dinner. Sadness at the supermarkets. Then it bounced back, because LP did make a me an amazing cake and some family did call during the evening. I feel asleep on the couch.

366 days to go to the next one... maybe I'll get my scooter next year.