Sunday, November 04, 2007

Saturday: Crappy Mobile Phone Photos.

Our El trip to the Loop was so not fun yesterday... we were stopped between stations for what seemed like an hour (probably only fifteen minutes) for a bridge lift. Ug. The ride was slow enough... and then having to wait around for a bridge to go up and then back down. Big farts on the CTA and bridges. The top photo was the view outside the El while we were stopped.

Macy's opened a FAO Schwarz in the State Street (Marshall Fields R.I.P.) store, so LP and I stopped in. The stuffed animals are amazing... but this is the smallest FAO I have ever seen. Complete disappointment - except for the stuffed animals.

Jason and I went to the Music Box Saturday night to see Blade Runner. Such a classic film, which Jason had never seen... and it was our first time seeing a movie at the Music Box. One weekend with so many "firsts." If you live in Chicago, and you have not been to see a movie there - GO! The main theater is fantastic!