Thursday, November 08, 2007

36 Frustrations.

In the month of October I applied for 36 new jobs (14 so far in November). 36. Sure some of them are long shots, but many were dead on. One for Harpo, but Oprah never called me. In that time I have had one interview... for a company that did not have any open positions, although they said they really liked me and I would be a good fit. Geee, great.

I have been looking for a new job for some time, but I have only started applying myself and working on finding a new job for about five months. Since I am currently employed it is easy to slack, but I have been very good about looking through job postings every day - and at least once a week sending out cover letters and resumes... lately that it's been three times a week.

What I have learned: If you don't know someone at the company... you probably will not get an interview. Or at least I do not. Sure I am looking to change the industry I am working in, but seven years experience as a project manager in the music industry should not be such a long shot to a design firm or ad agency... right? I have even applied for office manager jobs at firms / agencies and had absolutely no response. No response.

I've been told by a few places that I have a great resume, and my technical writing skills are sharp... but still no job. I am not sure what to do. I feel really lost. I do not know anyone in the industries I am looking for a new job... well here in Chicago. And I really cannot afford to start at the bottom. Stuck.