Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hello Kitty Toaster.

I did something last night that would make Not Carrie Bradshaw very proud... I purchased my very first Hello Kitty item. It's a toaster. But better than that - it prints Hello Kittie's face on the toast. Awesome!

After work LP and I had to go to Target. This is not something we do often because Target (like Wal-Mart) plays mind games with you and makes you buy things you just don't need. For me, it's usually DVDs or CDs. Last night it was a Hello Kitty toaster. We can never walk out of Target without spending at least $50, and it is often over $100. Last night, over $100.

You might be thinking Niner is a little gay (don't worry you are not alone in that thought process), but I have never purchased anything Hello Kitty before (even in my teenage punker phase) - AND I totally checked out some awesome Star Wars stuff at Target too. Well, maybe I had a little dork moment. BUT - We've been needing a new toaster. Really. And this toaster defrosts, reheats, and has a good bagel setting. Old crappy toaster did not. Well it did have a bagel setting but it did not do anything different from the bread setting (scam!).

So you can make fun of me all you want, but when you are eating your boring ass toast you'll be think of the Niner all of my awesome toastness.

Hello Kitty toaster vs boring old toaster.

First batch of Hello Kitty toast. Not bad, although it smelled like burned plastic.