Monday, November 19, 2007

A (Friend's) Book.

My friend wrote a nonfiction book that was recently published by one of the big publishers. Well, he's more of an acquaintance... a person I loved hanging out with in Portland. Not really sure how to categorize him.

1. Did we ever do something, just the two of us... no.
2. Did he ever come over to my house... no.
3. Did he remember my birthday... nope.
4. Have I heard from him in the past six months... no.

OK, so this random dude I used to see in public places in Portland. Well, he was more than that - he was some one I was always cheering for in hopes something would go right for him. He was (is?) a person always down on his luck. Drinks a little too much. Likes the horse track a little too much. But an amazing individual with a heart of gold.

So whatever his relationship to me is... he wrote a book. When I was in Portland I went to Powell's and bought a copy. He would of given me one if I asked, but I'd rather spend a $11 and support him. I was super excited to read it and then email him and let him know how much I loved it.

Problem: I did not like it. It is not so good. It is long winded and really goes nowhere. It is another "On The Road" type story, and just lacks cohesion. A I was very bummed out about coming to this revelation. I want to place blame in the editor, someone should of helped him develop the story more, or just make it into a short story. Yet, I am still proud of him for getting a book published, and the second one comes out early next year.

But I am not sure what to email him, or even if I should email him about the book.