Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Out of Order, Part 2.

My desk at the office is right next to the bathroom. It's a unisex bathroom. Since I have my own space (no office, but not a cube) I try to keep the music up so it drowns out the occasional noise from the washroom. Sadly, the music does not drown out the stinkies.

On top of all of this... this bathroom has more issues than a toilet should. The plumbers come by way too often. We've had almost everything done to the bathroom, including having the floor ripped up to clear out the pipes. And now I can say we have done everything. The sewage pump broke and they had to replace it. Simple enough. Oh good god - this was the most foul smell I have ever experienced in my life. The pump is in the floor of a closet four feet from my desk. Barf. I had to leave... I had to go home. But I couldn't - I was swamped at work. The one day I just could not leave early. Life sure can play some nasty tricks.

So when you are having a bad day at work... take a big whiff. Do smell raw sewage? If not, your day is not completely terrible.