Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Thoughts.

On Tuesday I went to the coffee shop across the street from my office and this lady was talking about how she just moved to Chicago. [When you enter this coffee shop there always seems to be one big conversation going that everyone is apart of] So the question was asked where did she move from, and her reply was "Portland, Oregon." I spouted out, "I hate Portland." And then that got the shop going on about Portland and those who liked it, and those who did not. I do not hate Portland, I'm just glad I do not live there. But I am not sure why I said "hate." Maybe I just wanted to get some arguments going. Probably. That's not very nice. So Portland, I do not hate you... just glad you are miles away.

LP and I have birthdays five days apart. This year my mother sent LP a beautiful new sweater... not cheap at all (Portlanders would say "spendy"). There was a card with it. The card said the usual Happy Birthday greetings and to enjoy her new sweater, and that my present was to enjoy looking at my lovely wife in her new sweater. Funny! Until my birthday came... I just got a card.

The ice skating rink in downtown opened last night! I am so excited. If you have your own skates (which I do) you can skate for free! Yea!

My friend CNR took this photo the other day. She did not send it to me, but my T1 friend SV passed it on. Public Poetry?