Monday, November 05, 2007

Rolling Stone. Blows.

I receive a Rolling Stone subscription at work. I don't pay for it. It just shows up in the mail every so often. It really is a terrible magazine. I must admit, I rarely read the articles... I usually just peruse the pictures and then skim the album and movie reviews. It just seems like every third issue is some kind of Anniversary issue. Really. They come up with more excuses to rehash interviews or stories about the same celebrities... over and over and over. Sure they have added a few names over the years, but right now the stand-bys are: Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder, Bono, Billy Joe Amstrong, Al Gore, George Clooney, Dave Matthews, Madonna, Michael Stipe.... Ug.

Rolling Stone, maybe you should just stop. Maybe it's time to save a tree and stop printing your outdated magazine. Your reviews are so skewed, and usually just not right (go buy one of their five star reviewed albums and see if you agree). Rolling Stone magazine use to be (well, 20+ years ago) ahead of the trend... now they are trying to catch up. This most recent issue discusses the future of music... Bright Eyes. Gee, they are about five years late on that one. Come on... please, think about folding. And then maybe Spin and AP will follow your lead.