Monday, March 19, 2007

Texas (Reasons for a Camera).

I am back from my SXSW trip which was fun as usual, but not super over the top great like some years. The best part had to be the warm weather... I actually wore shorts one day.

This year I decided to not bring my camera. I always bring it and the photos seem to be the same each year... people and bands. I hate dragging it around (yes, it fits in my pocket) since I usually think I am going to lose it plus I am carrying so much other crap. And some venues will not allow you in the door if you have a camera - so it's an all around pain.

So what photo opts did I miss since I was without my trusty camera? Here are a few (my brain is too tired to remember them all):

I met David Cross.

I met John Doe (of X).

I met Michael Des Barres at 6:30am (of such hit movies as "To Sir, With Love" "Commando" and "Poison Ivy 3").

I walked by Pete Townshend (of The Who).

The guy in his late 50's/early 60's who was walking on 6th Street wearing a red thong and cowboy boots.

Me drinking lots of Lone Star.

Me looking like hell on Thursday morning.

The plethora of crazy Japanese bands running around being crazy.

And of course the drunken dudes on the ground getting arrested.

I am glad to be back in Chicago getting caught up on my sleep. The bands this year were ok... nothing absolutely blew me away. I was really into ALOKE, Bishop Allen, Ume, The Narrator, Russian Circles, Buffalo Tom, and Imperial Teen. And I am looking forward to catching up on all of the blogs...