Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Television.

I think, just maybe, I have been sucked into another television show. BBC America started showing last year's thirteen episode Robin Hood. I was completely glued to the first episode... but I am really not sure why. I've never been a Robin Hood fan. If this was an American show this would be on the CW or Fox... not channels I tend to watch a lot of. Part me thinks I am the only one watching it, so it makes me special. Gee, television makes me special.

I tell plenty of people that I am not a big television watcher... but I am. I sit in front of the boob-tube way too much. I can watch the news hour after hour. And the list of shows I am hooked on has never been so long in my life:

How I Met Your Mother (CBS/30 min)
The Class (CBS/30 min)
The Office (NBC/30 min)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC/60 min)
Gilmore Girls (CW/60 min)
Ugly Betty (ABC/60 min)
Grey's Anatomy (ABC/60 min)
Men In Trees (ABC/60 min)
American Idol (Fox/60 min)
Good Morning America (ABC/about 60 minutes per day)
Local & National News (ABC/9-120 minutes per day)
Baseball Tonight (ESPN/30-60 min... during baseball season)

And now Robin Hood. That is way too many. I want to be the guy who reads books. I want to be the guy in the coffee shop that can wax the intelligence that is pouring from my well-read mind... not gabbing about the who got voted off what show. But what can I cut?