Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Park Ranger.

I have always wanted to be a Park Ranger. From the time I was a Cub Scout & Boy Scout to present day. Being a Park Ranger would be a great time. It would be like a party every day... and lots of people would think you are super cool because you are a Park Ranger. Imagine going to a shindig in the big city and everybody talking about their boring ass jobs and you could say "Hey, I'm a Park Ranger! Defender of wildlife, trees, and picnic baskets!"

The biggest pluses would have to be:
The awesome Park Ranger Hat.
Green Pants and Brown Shirt.
Get to work in places like Yosemite and Jellystone.
Get to run after Yogi and Boo Boo and stop them from snatching up the picnic baskets.
Fresh air.
Tall trees.
Get to rescue lost Boy Scouts and other stranded hikers.
Get to go on TV when hikers are lost.
Get to wear Park Ranger Hat... super awesome.

The biggest bummers would have to be:
Make about $10K a year.
Could be stuck being a Ranger in a horrible place.
Green Pants and Brown Shirt.
Completely isolated from the outside world (the city)... so not many parties to attend.
Probability of getting killed by a bear or mountain lion goes way up.