Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Taking The Next 2 Off.

My body spoke to me this morning and told me I have to take off the next two days... well really it's the nights that are killing me. I have been out every night for a solid week. Last week was SXSW in Austin, TX which means sleep was not really part of the equation... and drinks surely were. This past few days Loaf has been in town, so that meant more outings and late nights. And then to top it off - last night was the first softball practice of the Spring, then out to dinner and drinks, then drinks with the Liar's (which I left after one drink).

I am way out of shape. I got to practice yesterday evening and did my stretches, then tried to run to the end of the fields (about 200 yards) which I accomplished (barely) and then had to walk back. Maybe I should be doing a little exercise in the winter time, but I am too cheap to join a gym and it's too cold to do anything outside. So the next month of workouts will be painful to say the least... but I am excited about it. Winter gets really old when March comes around. I need to be outside!