Friday, March 23, 2007

Starting Right Now.

I am finished slacking. I have been reading (or neglecting) the same book for over a year. A year! I have been picking up (and putting down) The Devil Wears Prada for way too long... and I am only half done. It's a great book, I've just been slacking on reading it.

No more slacking. I will finish this book by the end of April and move on to one of the million other books I need to read. I want to be at the point where I read one book per month. That would make me feel good. I do read... but it's usually just the newspaper, magazines, and blogs.

I need to read more books for two reasons:
1. Reading books means less time watching TV... which is a good thing. I watch way too much TV.
2. When I finish a book I feel like I accomplished a good goal.

So starting right now... I am going to read more and finish this book.