Monday, March 12, 2007

I Am Looking Forward To...

I am looking forward to this week. So much seems to be going on... and I really need a good week. Lately the weeks have been just blurring together. So what is in store for me this week?

Today it is going to be 61 degrees! There is a tiny bit of rain this morning, but nothing to ruin a sunny day that will be 61 degrees! The first day in the 60's for 2007. Most excellent! That means lunch outside.

On Wednesday I get to go to Austin, TX for SXSW. I love going to Austin every year at this time, mainly for the weather. There are lots of great bands, fun parties, and catching up with old friends - but it's the sun and warmth that do someone from Chicago well. Mid 70's to low 80's means no big jacket - no jacket at all! I also get to see my really good friend LJ from PDX. We always have a great time together. And since LJ just got back from a three week excursion to South America I am sure he'll have great stories to share. Boo for being away from LP and having to fly... but it's good to get out of town because when I return I am always reminded of why I love Chicago.

When I return to Chicago on Saturday it will be St. Patrick's Day! A day of over the top fun in Chicago. The Northside parade (I know, the Southside Parade is better - but this year the Northside parade actually lands on St. Patty's Day), the dying of the Chicago River, the public drunkenness by Noon, and the fun parties with green beer. I am 0% Irish, but completely embrace the day.

To top off all of this fun... I get to meet two new bloggers this week. The Meaning Of Loaf is visiting from London (for the first time) so the Liar's Club gang is going to go all out and entertain (please do not over "entertain" before I get back please... no party pooping Saturday night). Joining us will be Klefa in Disguise who lives right around all of us Liar's but we've never met. It sounds so dorky when telling people a bunch of bloggers are going to meet up - like we are part of a D&D or Star Trek club. But let me assure you all... we are much more dorky than any D&D-ers. We don't need dice to have fun!