Friday, December 22, 2006

Goodnight Moons.

This is probably my last post for 2006 since I'll be traveling and then spending the rest of my free time figuring out what LP and I are going to do for New Year's Eve in Chicago...

Goodnight Moon.
Goodnight A Blog of a Good Time... and your dreams of your future husband Justin Timberlake.
Goodnight Anonymous Midwest Girl... and your AMBF.
Goodnight Autumn... it was a good one, but it is winter now.
Goodnight B-Muse... when are you going to start blogging? Surf blog?
Goodnight Carolyn Says... and your super cute kitty who is killing your little Christmas tree.
Goodnight Cat Pee Smell... I know you are a smell, and not a blogger, but you are starting to piss me off and I am not going to take (or smell) this shit (or piss) in 2007!
Goodnight Cherry Ride... it's Merry Christmas, remember that, and goodnight Richard.
Goodnight Chuckdaddy Xpress... I hope this is not one of your pet peeves.
Goodnight Classy & Fancy... hope you have many dreams of a Smiths' reunion.
Goodnight Darci from the Block... Sorry you lost on Days of Our Lives.
Goodnight Fish Not Fried... keep the indie rock alive, and listen to some Queen.
Goodnight Jader... I hope you have a White Christmas... since it seems like you and I are the only ones who like snow.
Goodnight K.i.d... enjoy your break from studying.
Goodnight King Dan... we'll have to throw back some maple syrup and O.J. when I'm in S.F.
Goodnight LP... I'll be up for a little while, I'm tryin' to figure out how this blog can get us paid!
Goodnight Lori Mocha... and all of your babies... although you're probably so amped on pills you won't fall asleep. A new meaning to the term White Christmas.
Goodnight Meaning of Loaf... hopefully you are sleeping on that green couch.
Goodnight Mimi Smartypants... when is your new book coming out?
Goodnight Random House... and Penguin, Viking, Doubleday, Harper Collins, Regan Book, and Bantam, I'm the guy you want for a book deal... really.
Goodnight Reckenroll Lifestyle... but is "Goodnight Moon" on your Top 5?
Goodnight Smack Dab In the Middle... hope you have a night void of violent dreams.
Goodnight Stuff On My Cat... you are an inspiration to all, and fuzzy too.
Goodnight Sufferin' Succotash... hope your child support payment comes in, and hope you hook up with Wayne Coyne.
Goodnight The Gancer... Liar's Club 2007!
Goodnight Annoymous Posters... who are you?
Goodnight Readers of 5 of 9er.... bored yet?
Goodnight Chicago... now bring me some snow!
Goodnight Moon.

Merry Christmas!