Friday, December 08, 2006

Grannyisms, Vol. 1

LP's grandmother (Granny) uses words incorrectly often. Mostly she pronounces them wrong. But when someone tries to correct her she refuses to change. So I decided to start a list of what we call "Grannyisms." This is the first of hopefully many more entries:

Grannyism : Real Word
Stencil: Stint (for a heart)
Walmark: Wal-mart
Journaly: Generally
Trevis: Trellis
Oxygen: Austrian
Triangle Bed: Trundle Bed
O-fen: Orphan (like Little O-fen Annie)
Twicet: Twice

* Side note: My grammar can be pretty awful at times when typing away... but that is why there is Spell Check. Well, I just noticed this morning that the spell check for Blogger has not been working. I should have figured that out when I went an entire week with no typos. I had the word random spelled wrong in my title this week. Thanks Blogger.