Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Judge Maria Lopez, Part 2.

Oh Judge Maria Lopez... I have given you my time and attention every weekday (well, almost every weekday) for the past month. My goal to get away from my desk during lunch has been semi-successful. I do actually eat my lunch away from my desk... but staying away from my desk for at least 30 minutes is really hit or miss. Our lounge area is only ten feet from my desk so I can still hear my phone. But on the days I do sit back and relax for a few minutes I still have been zoning out on TV. Yes, I've gone through my phases... Tyra (still dig her), Jerry (ashamed), Maury (just sad), CLTV (Chicago's NY1), and Judge Maria Lopez. But I finally made my commitment a month or so ago. I made my commitment to Judge Maria Lopez. I would give up the rest. My 30 minutes at lunch were all about Judge Maria Lopez.
Judge Maria Lopez is intelligent, fair, sharp witted, and hot. She's Cuban, and declares she is the "true American dream." And how she slams down that gavel, and rules with such authority - Yet, she still has a couple minutes after each trial to show her personal side and talk to the viewer (that’s me!) about why she ruled the way she did. I know I've written about Judge Maria Lopez before, but for daytime TV her show does not get old... at least that is what I thought. The past few times I have tuned into Judge Maria Lopez it has been re-runs. Re-runs! I have so many choices of crappy daytime television, how can you do this to me Judge Maria Lopez? I could watch Judge Mathis, Judge Hatchett, Judge Alex, Judge Judy, Divorce Court, or the People's Court. I have many other choices and you give me re-runs after a month of viewing.

Judge Maria Lopez, I think this calls for a break between us. I am giving you up until 2007. Maybe by then you'll get your act together and give me new episodes. If not, our relationship is over.