Monday, December 11, 2006

A Low Christmas.

I purchased the new Sarah McLachlan album "Wintersong" when it came out in November, but when I realized it was a Christmas album I decided not to listen to it until after Thanksgiving. I am beginning to think Sarah might never put out a true new studio album ever again. But the thought of Sarah McLachlan singing Christmas songs seemed great to me... she has a fantastic voice and could put a good twist on the classics. On the drive from Memphis to Chicago after Thanksgiving LP and I listened to "Wintersong" and quickly came to the conclusion... it sucks. Parts of it sound more like a Dead Can Dance Christmas (an idea which hopefully never comes true). A major bummer to us both. The album is such a downer.

This got me thinking about my favorite Christmas albums. A good topic to write about here since so many bloggers are writing about the Christmas season... and I have not joined in. So I am jumping on board.

Low's album "Christmas" is hands-down my favorite Christmas album to date. It is in every way completely perfect. They mix traditional classics ("Silent Night" "The Little Drummer Boy") with new songs they have written ("If You Were Born Today" "Just Like Christmas"). And they do all of this is their very unique Low-sound. And coffee shops around town seem to agree since I seem to hear it in every coffee shop I go into.

My second favorite Christmas album would have to be Bing Crosby's "White Christmas." This is as traditional as it comes, but it is a classic that stands the test of time. The Andrew Sisters give it some good added 1950's charm. And "Mele Kalikimaka" might be the most fun song ever written about the Christmas season. Too bad every time I listen to Bing it I cannot help but think about what an a-hole he was and how he beat his wife and children to no end... BUT he recorded one heck of a jolly ol' Christmas album.

Then there is lots of other Christmas albums that are a good listen including Elvis', Sinatra's, The Muppets', Dolly Parton's, the 1960's Christmas compilation. I read that Twisted Sister put out a new Christmas record this year. And then there is a Death Row Christmas... what an awful idea that was. But Sarah McLachlan... oh Sarah, your album is not so good. You should just focus on putting out a new studio album.