Friday, April 11, 2008


I have been slacking on posting this week because work has been super busy... which is always a good thing (yes President Bush, the economy is tanking).  With work being busy that means no time for posting and when I get home the last thing I want to do it turn on the computer and type away.  Sorry, I just don't.  Mornings are best for me.

Also with work being busy it has given me little time to apply for new jobs.  That situation just never seems to get any better.  I have applied for 65 jobs since January 1st, plus a few letters to companies.  This has landed me two interviews, and one was a super long shot with a huge corporate company that I knew I would not get, but it's always good to meet new people... you never know where it will lead.  I was told I came in second at the other interview which was with this design firm, and they would keep me in mind the next few months since they might be adding another project manager.  Promising, but not sitting around waiting for it.

I have given up applying to any college or university in Chicago because my background never matches what they are looking for.  Ever.  I received an email from one university after applying for a communications position that read something like this...

Thank you for applying for Communications blah blah blah, requisition 078579.
We have been fortunate to receive resumes from many interested applicants for this opening and have decided to pursue an applicant at this time whose education and background would be a better fit for the position.  As someone who has applied for University of blah blah Communication positions, you may know of a colleague who may be interested, in one or more of the current open positions:

078517 Asst. Dir. of Communications (Alumni/Development)
078870 Editor, Capital Ideas
078923 Marketing Editor/Writer
* 078579 Communications blah blah blah *
078956 Manuscript Editor I-Science Group
078680 Senior Director, Alumni Education & Communication
077831 Technical Writer

Have a great week!

Really?  They told me I was not picked, and then asked if I knew someone who would fit one of these jobs... one of them being the job I just did not get picked for.  WTF?  Have a great week my ass.

My current gripe (besides that email I just posted) about applying for jobs lately has been with ad, marketing, and design firms: they believe / preach in this "think outside the box" idea - but they will not look outside of their own box to interview someone from a different background... like the music industry is such a stretch.